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M2M2L3-The shoemaker



M2U2L3-The Blacksmith

M2U2L3-The Carpenter

M2U2L3-The Cooper

M2U2L3-The Printer

M3B Background Reading / by Belden, Alejandro




Macbeth Act 1, Scene III / by Shakespeare

Macbeth Act I

Machiavelli The Prince Excerpts

Machine Stops, The (Part 1) / by Forester, E. M.

Machine Stops, The (Part 2: Unit 1) / by Forster, E. M.

Machine Stops, The. Part 2 / by Forester, E. M.

Madame CJ Walker

Maggie Walker

Magna Carta

Magna Carta 10.13.16

Magna Carta Ms Fellows 10.13.16

Magna Carta 1215

Mahmoud (pages 66-73) / by Gratz, Alan

Majd's Story (abridged) / by Anderson, Scott

Major shipping firms warn of worsening congestion at China's Yantian port

Make Your Bed / by McRaven, William H.

Make Your Work Resolutions Stick

Making a Difference in 2018 Nytimes / by Rosenberg, tina


Making Inferences 1

Making of a scientist

Making The Film Luca

Making the Future, Better Together

Making time for science

Making time for sience

Malala Journal Entry

Malala Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech / by Yousafzai, Malala

Malala Prologue

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai- Speech to the UN

Malcom X

Male Reproductive System / by Teens, Health

Male vs Female Doctors / by Marcus, Mary

Mallam Sile

Maltese Falcon, The (Chapter 1) / by Hammett, Dashiell

Man Behind the Story - Liam O'Flaherty

Man Fires Rifle Inside D.C. Pizzeria, Cites Fictitious Conspiracy Theories / by Domonoske, Camila

Man He Killed, The / by Hardy, Thomas

Man in the Iron Mask, The Chapter 1 (12)

Man in the Iron Mask, the - Chapter 1 (22)

Man Who Had No Eyes / by Kantor, MacKinlay

Managing the Changes with Puberty

Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After Fortune / by Wilson

Manifest Destiny / by Sullivan, John

Manifest Destiny as coined by John L. O'Sullivan

Manta Ray


Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017, The / by Team, Bonecode

Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017, The / by BoneCode

Many teachers say Melania Trump's copying would result in an F grade / by Washington Post, Newsela Staff

March / by Leopold, Aldeo

Marco Polo / by Stokes Brown, Cynthia

Margaret Atwood

Margaret C.

Marijuana vs Alcohol

Marinova Angles and radians to degrees / by https:byjus.commathstrigonometry-angles#::t

Mark Scheme

Mark Twain: Corn-Pone Opinions / by Twain, Mark

Market Concentration Part 1 / by OECD

Market Concentration Part 2 / by OECD


Marketing Transcripts Unit 3: Pricing, Promotion & Distribution Source Rewordify Lesson 1: Pri

Marriage is a Private Affair / by Achebe, Chinua

Mars- should we colonize?

Martha Carrier

Martial Arts, The

Martian The


Martian, The

Martian, the


Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech August 28, 1963 / by King Jr., Martin Luther

Martin Truex Jr. / by ToadWarrior75

Mary Anderson

Mary Wollstone Craft A Vindication of the Rights of Women / by Wollstonecraft, Mary

Mary Wollstonecraft DBQ / by Wollstonecraft


Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs (Rewordify) / by Wikipedialorg

Masque of the Red Death, The / by Poe, Edgar Allan

Mass Production

Mass, Weight and, Density

Mass. Education Board Unanimously Rejects Trump's Call To Arm Teachers

Massachusetts History

MassillonMcKinley Rivalry

Master "Ox cart maker keeps his ancient craft rolling in a motorized world, A" / by NG HISTORY & CULTUREOUT OF WALK, EDEN.

Master Tool

Material 2

Mathematical Practice #1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Mathematical Practice #2 - Reason abstractly and quantitatively

Mathematical Practice #3 - Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Mathematical Practice #4 - Model with Mathematics

Mathematical Practice #5 - Use appropriate tools strategically

Mathematical Practice #6 - Attend to precision

Mathematical Practice #7 - Look for and make use of structure

Mathematical Practice #8 - Look for and express regularity and repeated reasoning

Maths assessment - Keegan

Matilda Chapter 1 / by Dahl, Roald

Matilda Chapter 2 / by Dahl, Roald

Matter of Mosque and State, A / by Lewen, Tamar "Up Front"

Maui - School Journal Year 6 : L3 May : 2016

Maurice richard

May; 'A Sand County Almanac' / by Leopold, Aldo

Maya Reading / by Pieper, Mark

Mayflower compact

Mayflower Compact

Mayflower compact and Plymouth

Maze Runner 'The,

McCarthy Strikes Again

McCulloch v. Maryland Background

Me and My Habits

Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, The / by Douglass, Frederick

Measles can harm a child's defense against other serious infections

Measure of dispersion definition in statistics / by Thakur, Rahul Singh


Medicine Bag, The / by Drivinghawk Sneve, Virginia

Meet Richard Overton: oldest living U. S. veteran

Meghan, Meghan, Camilla, and Meghan again: what to expect from this years royal books / by BELLAM, MARTIN

Meiji Era and the Industrial Revolution

Meiji Oath

Melanie Smith Article

Melbourne ranked world's most liveable city for sixth consecutive year by EIU / by Wright, Patrick (ABC News)


Memoir 1

Memoir: Bob

Memories of the Holocaust

Menstrual cycle text

Menstrual Cycle, The

Menstrual Cycle, The


Mercantalism 1

Meso 1

Meso For 7th grade

Mesoamerica: Repeated Reinventions / by Stokes Brown, Cynthia



Mesopotamia, Story of Mankind / by Van Loon, H

Message From Aliens?

Message of courage to face our fears / by Khalsa,Sukhjit Kaur

Metamorphosis, The / by Kafka, Franz


Metric System

Metric System

Metric System History, The

Mexico 2



Mi'kmaw fishing rights

Mice and Men Summary / by Steinbeck, John

Michael Jordan's Infamous Induction Speech / by Siegel, Nathan

Michelle obama

Michigan is Testing Flint's Water / by Press, Associated

Michigan is testing Flints Water / by Press, Associated

Mid of conversation / by Mbs

Middle Colonies / by Mr.Nussbaum

Middle East History


Midsummer / by Shakespeare

Midsummer's Night Dream Act I

Migrant Crisis: Why do child migrants want to come to the UK?

Migrant issues in the uk

Migration document / by Rosberg, Andy

Migratory Crossing

Migratory Crossings

Migratory Crossings- Europe

MikMak fisheries

MikMak fisheries

MikMak fisheries

Milk business in developing world

Millard fillmore first letter simplified / by fillmore, millard adapted

Miller's Tale, The / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (B) / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (C) / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (D) / by Chaucer

Millions in Caribbean left without power and water in wake of Hurricane Fiona / by The Miami Herald, adapted by Newsela staff

Milosevic Biography

Mind for numbers - 2 (Easy does it), A / by Oakley, Barbara

Mineral Formation

Minister and the Black Veil, The / by Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Minoans vs Mycenaeans Text

Minutes that Matter

Miracle Worker, The Act 1, part 2 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 3 (last act) Scenes 1 and 2 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 3 Scene 3 (ending the play) / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 1 part 1 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 2 --Scenes 1-6 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 2, Scenes 7-9 (9 ends Act 2) / by Gibson, William

Miss. Supreme Court hears appeal over school funding / by JEFF AMY, Associated Press

Mission 0 / by sotelo

Mission TwinPossbible- Section 4 / by Dreisbach

Mission TwinPossible- Section 2 / by Dreisbach

Mission Twinpossible-Section 1 / by Mr.Dreisbach

Mission TwinPossible: Section 3 / by Dreisbach

Mississippi Burning plot summary

MLK - Bus Boycott

MLK Case Study Part III


MLK vs. Malcolm X / by Edwards, Brielle

MMUN IMO Description

MMUN Saving the Oceans Position Paper

MMUN Whaling Position Paper 2014

Modell of Christian Charity, A / by Winthrop, John

Modern day slavery / by ZISSOU, REBECCA

Modern History Sourcebook: Commissioner Lin: Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839 / by Lin,Commissioner

Modern History Sourcebook: The Taiping Rebellion, 1851-1864 / by Michael,Franz

Modern Science

Modern Slavery Explainer

Modes of Thoughts / by whitehead

Modest Proposal Easy Read / by Swift, Jonathan

Modified / by Tran

Modified Bill of Rights article

Module 01: What is Interior Design? / by New Skills Academy, Mohamed Yousef

Module 01: What is Interior Design? / by New Skills Academy, Mohamed Yousef

Module Two: Unit 2 Lesson 2 / by Kipling

Module, That's English

Mom Outraged / by CBS

Mom Will Find the Fox

Monarch Butterflies

Monarchy Handout 10.24.16 Ms Fellows

Monday 4202020-Punnett Squares

Mongols / by Timeline, assignment

Monica's article / by Valdez, Monica

Monotheistic Religions

Monroe Doctrine

Monroe Doctrine explanation

Monroe Doctrine, The


Monster of Monticello, The / by Finkelman, Paul

Monster's Lair, The --- excerpt from Beowulf / by Unknown

Mont Pelee

Montana 1948 Summary

Montesquieu / by Montesquieu

Moon Caves

Moor in Renaissance Drama / by D'Amico, Jack

Moor in Renaissance Drama Chunk 1 &2 / by D'Amico, Jack

Moor in Renaissance Drama Chunk 3-4 / by D'Amico, Jack

Moor in Renassance Drama 7 / by D'Amico, Jack

Moor in Renassiance Drama Chunk 5

Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt

More than one in three Americans eat fast food on a daily basis / by Kaplan, Karen

Mosley speech

Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game (abridged version) / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game Part 1 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game Part 2 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game Part 3 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The - Part 1 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game- Part 4 / by Connell, Richard

Moth Article

Mother Tongue / by Tan, Amy

Mother Tongue / by Tam, Amy

Mother's Tale,the / by Agee, James

Motions and force Ch 1 section 2

Motivation and the Power of Not Giving Up Page 3

Mountain Men Fur Trade History

Movie review

Mr Badger 'Wind the the Willows' Extract / by Grahame, Kenneth

Mr harrison fox


Mr. Watson, Come Here!

Ms Fellows handout 10.11.16 Document 4

Ms Fellows handout Document 5 handout 10.11.16

Ms Fellows handout Jacobo Timmerman 10.25.16

Ms. Newton

Mt Shasta- Identifying Parts of Speech

Much howling in the U.S. Southwest over a wolf protection plan


Multidecadal rainfall variability in South Pacific Convergence Zone as revealed by stalagmite g / by Partin, J.W.

Multiple Sclerosis / by Campetella

Murmur of a Bang / by NASA, Cosmic Times

Music and Emotions

Music and Theatre

Music of china

Musical Keyboard for Cats

Musician of Many Cultures

Mussolini / by Wikipedia

Mutations Are the Raw Materials of Evolution / by Carlin, Joel L. (Department of Biology, Gustav

My Browsing Collections

My Country / by Mackellar, Dorothea

My Demo / by demo,demo

My Dungeon Shook / by Baldwin, James

My Father's Kites / by Joseph, Allison

My First Goose / by Babel, Isaac

My First Hat

My Mother's Tongue

My name

My Name by Sandra Cisneros / by Cisneros, Sandra

My People / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson

My Sled is Red

My Way

Mycenaeans, The / by Rossi, Mr

Mysterious Heart Damage, Not Just Lung Troubles, Befalling COVID-19 Patients / by Hawryluk, Markian

Mystery Text

Myth Busted - Why Bridges Collapse / by Siegel, Ethan

Myth of Learning Styles

Myth of self-control, The / by Resnick, Brian

Myths and Legends

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