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8 "The Bet" / by Chekov, Anton

8 ELA HoM Journal for ESOL

8 Fascinating Things We Learned About The Mind In 2015 / by Gregoir, Carolyn

8 Hugely Undervalued Positive Effects of Technology on Society / by Oak, Manali


8M2BU1L1 / by Butler, Robert

8th Atlanta's 1906 Race Riot and the Coalition to Remember / by Dickey, Jennifer

8th GA Delegates Letter

8th Georgia's Budget Funding and Spending in Georgia's Government

8th grade Fiction test MOD

8th grade Fluid Earth Summative Exam--Part 1 / by Humes

8th SS Alexander Stephens Speech

8th SS Unit 4 Andersonville DBQ

8th Unit 1 Chattahoochee Article

8th Unit 2 Mary Musgrove, Early Georgia Businesswoman Extraordinaire!

8th Unit 2 The Declaration of Independence: GA in the American Revolution

8th Unit 2 The Middle Passage Article

8th Unit 4 Emancipation Proclamation / by Lincoln, Abraham

8th Unit 4 Indian Removal Act

8th Unit 4 Methods for Distributing the Land

8th Unit 4 Trail of Tears Primary Source Analysis

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