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Race and Ethnicity

Race and Recovery

Race to Save Pandas, The / by Culligan, Tricia

Races on the Radio

Rachel Carson Biography / by http:www.ducksters.combiographyscientistsrac

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring Background

Racism in Austin / by na


Raisin in the Sun / by Hansberry, Lorraine


Ransom of Red Chief, The / by Henry, O.

Rapunzel / by Grimm, Brothers

Rational Numbers

Raven / by Poe

Raven (The) / by Poe, Edgar Allen

Raven, The / by Poe, Edgar Allan

Raven, The (part 1) / by Poe, Edgar Allan - Published 1845

Raven, The (part 2) / by Poe, Edgar Allan published 1845

Raven, the(adapted) / by Poe, Edgar Allen

Raven, The- first two stanzas

Reading / by Phuong, Le

Reading / by Chau

Reading 9.1

Reading and Life Success / by Diakiw, Jerry

Reading Exercise

Reading Exercise

Reading Practice


ReadWorks Hoover Dam / by ReadWorks

Ready to Blast Off

REal FAke 2

Real Problem with Beef, The

REal VS. Fake

Reason / by Asimov

Reason / by Aurobindo

Reasons Against Dropping the Atomic Bomb / by https:www.historyonthenet.comreasons-against-d

Recalling Information and Details B-1 Identifying Explicit Details Level B-1

Reconstruction DBQ Background

Record number of illegal immigrant children a challenge for South Florida

Record-keeping and History / by Christian, David

Recycled Plastic: Milk Jugs to Posts / by http:www.playgroundequipment.comturning-used-p

Red flags: The troubled path of accused Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz

Red Scare - Again / by See, citation

Red Summer of 1919

Reflecting on the Spanish Flu video - vocabulary / by Herring

Refugee Transitions Speech

Refugees, Who, Where, Why - page 2

Refugees, Who, Where, Why? - Page 1

Refugees: Who, Where, and Why

Refugees: Who, Where, Why? / by Gevert, Catherine

Reign of Terror Primary Sources

Reinventing the toilet for a cleaner world / by Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee

Reinventing the toilet for a cleaner world / by Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee


Renaissance / by Valenti


Renaissance Warfare

Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Resources Explained / by Stark, Kevin

Renewable Energy

Repertoire for a Cause: The Justice Choir Songbook / by Rowan, Mike


Researcg oaoer

Research paper

Researchers Inspired by How Plants, Bacteria Can Harvest Sunlight Energy / by Matthews, Kayla

Researchers working to solve mystery of honeybee deaths

Residential schools 1

Residential Schools 2

Residential schools 4

Resistance, Rebellion, Revolution: What They Are and Where They Intersect / by Diavolo, Lucy

Response / by Hudgins,Shameka

Responsibilities of Citizenship / by null

Results and Discussion of a Lab Report / by Bercaw, Liz

Retest Elderly Drivers

Rethinking the Juvenile Justice Act for todays Angulimalas / by Iyer,Sreenivasan

Rethinking The Use Of Technology For Our Children

Retrieved Reformation, A / by Henry, O.

Retrocession of Virginia

Return, The / by Thiongo, Ngugi wa


Revenge / by O, Alyssa

Revenge / by Deidre, M

Reword / by kubraozer

Reword.NTHY / by Yen

Reworded "Sinners" / by Edwards

Rewordified "Scale of the Industrial Revolution"

Rewordified Amphibious Warfare

Rewordified Confucius Fact Monster

Rewordified document

Rewordified success criteria CBA 2 / by Fox, J

Rewordified Text from TCI





Rewordify / by cherry, isiah

Rewordify / by Jackson,Maurice

Rewordify / by Christopher, Stephanie

Rewordify Activity

Rewordify Atlantic article

Rewordify chapter 1 Inquisitive

Rewordify demo

Rewordify Demo Text

Rewordify example

Rewordify Example / by Ate

Rewordify Love That Dog

Rewordify Option #2 Example

Rewordify Practice / by Cooper,Avery

Rewordify Sample Article Option #1

Rewordify Sample Article Option #3

Rewordify Sample Article Option #4

Rewordify Sample Article Option #5

REwordify The Veldt / by Bradbury



Rewordify.com version of summary of U.S. Constitution

Rich Can't Hide From a Plague - Just Ask Edgar Allan Poe / by Phillips, Maya

Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech / by Nixon, Richard M.

Riding the Native Wave: Surfings Hidden Roots in Peru / by Dina Gilio-Whitaker Aug 1, 2014

Right and Wrong / by Hulme, David

Right to be Free: Writers in the Time of Revolution


Rise and Fall of Absolute Monarchy

Rise and Fall of Textiles in South Carolina

Rise in social media,The / by M.D

Rising Wave of Districts Sticking With Full-Time Remote Learning

Risk Management Framework / by Broad, James

Rituals of Body Nacirema Tribe / by Miner, Horace

River Dynasties in China

River Runs Yellow, A

River Times

Road Not Taken, The / by Frost, Robert

Road Not Taken, The / by Frost, Robert

Roads and Postal Service

Roaring Twenties

Robbie / by Asimov

Robie House #2

Robot Code of Ethics to Prevent Android Abuse, Protect Humans / by Lovgren, Stefan

Robots are key to future space exploration (modified) / by Britt, Daniel (modified)

Robots as chefs / by Sarkar,B

Robots in workplace could create double jobs they destroy / by Partington, Richard

Rock Cycle from Fact Monster

Rockefeller's Arguments / by Rockefeller, John D.

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket launch May 2017

Rocks and Minerals

Role of National Action Plan in stabilization of internal security of Pakistan / by css

Rome Doc B

Rome Doc D

Rome Doc E

Rome Doc F

Rome's Legavy

Rome's Perfect Location / by Cicero

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet Paragraph

Romeo and Juliet Plot summary

Romeo and Juliet SImplified / by Lamb, R M

Room of One's Own, A / by Woolf, Virginia

Room of One's Own, A / by Woolf, Virginia

Root of Computer Code lies in Morse code, The

Roots of Nationalism / by css

Rosa Parks- biography

Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus / by Smith, Barrett

Rose for Emily, A / by Faulkner, William

Rose for Emily, A / by Faulkner, William

Rose, the / by t.p


Round Lake teachers say remote learning going smoothly, with a few challenges

Round Lake teachers say remote learning going smoothly, with a few challenges

Ruby Bridges, an icon of New Orleans integration, will witness another milestone 50 years later / by Rose, Chris

Rule of Law / by Bill of Rights, Institute

Rule of Thre3 (Excerpt) / by Walters, Eric

Rumpelstiltskin / by Grimm, Brothers

Runaround / by Asimov

Russell Simmons

Russia Economy

Russian Revolution / by History, BBC

Russian Revolution Article / by Kurbic

Russian Revolution Causes - Original Text

Russian Strategic Deterrence

Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Biofraphy / by Unknown

RW ? Boston Massacre

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