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1963: The Year That Changed Everything (Article)
Informative text Model
1In our national song, "The Star-Decorated (flagsignheadline)," we sing of America as "the la (Article)
Informative Model
Abridged copy of "Realism" (Article)
Information about the tenets of Realism and it's characteristics
Battle with Grendel's Mom, The --- excerpt from Beowulf (Article)
Beowulf fights Grendel's mom.
Battle with Grendel, The (excerpted from Beowulf) (Article)
That night Beowulf and his men take the places of Hrothgar and the Danes inside Herot. While his men sleep, Beowulf lies awake, eager to meet with Grendel.
Black Death Hits Europe, The (Article)
Social and economic effects of the Black Death
Epic of Gilgamesh Tablet I (Article)
Oldest Text
Excuse this House (Article)
poem about setting
Farewell, The --- excerpt from Beowulf (Article)
Burton Raffel translation
Last Battle, The --- excerpt from Beowulf (Article)
Beowulf fights a dragon terrorizing his kingdom.
Monster's Lair, The --- excerpt from Beowulf (Article)
King Hrothgar says all of this selection in a conversation with Beowulf on the morning after Beowulf defeated Grendel.
Oceti Sakowin Introduction (Article)
This is an introduction to who the Oceti Sakowin people are.
Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Biofraphy (Article)
Spoils, The --- excerpt from Beowulf (Article)
Burton Raffel translation
Who Had the Write Idea? from iThink: World History (Mesopotamia) (Article)
Social studies, Anicient Mesopotamia, Cuneiform

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