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Age of Exploration (Article)
The age of exploration
Immigration from ReadWorks (Article)
Immigration understanding
Interview with the Sun (Blue) (Article)
Solar System Unit, 5th Grade
Interview with The Sun - Blue (Article)
Solar System Unit, Grade 5, Blue Group
Interview with The Sun - Green (Article)
Solar System Unit, 5th Grade, Green Group
Interview with The Sun - Red (Article)
Solar System Unit, 5th Grade, Red Group
John Wesley Powell Maps the Grand Canyon (Article)
ReadWorks, John Wesley Powell, Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Natural History, Expedition
Portion of How to Make a Better Robot (Article)
This is a segment of a longer passage being used to assess fluency
ReadWorks Hoover Dam (Article)
Seven Minutes of Terror (Article)
Unit 1b by readworks.org
They're Back! (Article)
Educational passage about wolves from readworks.
US in the 1800s, The (Article)
Summary of the American Civil War, by ReadWorks
Water is Everything (Article)
Science, water, climate
Who's that Boy and Other Weird Things (Article)
information about theater during Shakespeare's time

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