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Taking the Bastille / by Dumas, Alexandre

Tale of Two Cities, A / by Dickens, Charles

Taming of the Shrew, The / by Shakespeare, William

Tarzan of the Apes / by Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Tempest, The / by Shakespeare, William

Theory of the Leisure Class, The / by Veblen, Thorstein

Therese Raquin / by Zola, Emile

Thirty-Nine Steps, The / by Buchan, John

This Side of Paradise / by Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Through the Looking-Glass / by Carroll, Lewis

Thus Spoke Zarathustra / by Nietzsche, Friedrich

Time Machine, The / by Wells, H. G.

Timon of Athens / by Shakespeare, William

Titus Andronicus / by Shakespeare, William

To Build a Fire / by London, Jack

To One in Paradise / by Poe, Edgar Allan

Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson, The / by Twain, Mark

Tramp Abroad, A / by Twain, Mark

Treasure in the Forest, The / by Wells, H. G.

Treasure Island / by Stevenson, Robert Louis

Treatise of Human Nature, A / by Hume, David

Trial, The / by Kafka, Franz

Troilus and Cressida / by Shakespeare, William

Turn of the Screw, The / by James, Henry

Twice-Told Tales / by Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Two Gentlemen of Verona / by Shakespeare, William