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Rainbow, The / by Lawrence, D. H.

Rape of Lucrece, The / by Shakespeare, William

Red Badge of Courage, The / by Crane, Stephen

Regret / by Chopin, Kate

Republic, The / by Plato

Return of Sherlock Holmes, The / by Conan Doyle, Arthur

Return of the Native, The / by Hardy, Thomas

Richard II / by Shakespeare, William

Richard III / by Shakespeare, William

Right Ho, Jeeves / by Wodehouse, P. G.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The / by Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Rip Van Winkle / by Irving, Washington

Robinson Crusoe / by Defoe, Daniel

Romeo & Juliet / by Shakespeare, William

Room With a View, A / by Forster, E. M.

Roughing It / by Twain, Mark