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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / by Twain, Mark

Adventures of Pinocchio, The / by Collodi, Carlo

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The / by Conan Doyle, Arthur

Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The / by Twain, Mark

Aesop's Fables / by Aesop

Age of Innocence, The / by Wharton, Edith

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / by Carroll, Lewis

All Things Considered / by Chesterton, G. K.

All's Well that Ends Well / by Shakespeare, William

Ambassadors, The / by James, Henry

Analysis of Mind, The / by Russell, Bertrand

Andersen's Fairy Tales / by Andersen, Hans Christian

Angel in Disguise, An / by Arthur, T. S.

Anna Karenina / by Tolstoy, Leo

Anne of Avonlea / by Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Anne of Green Gables / by Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Anne of the Island / by Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Anne's House of Dreams / by Montgomery, Lucy Maud

Anthem / by Rand, Ayn

Antony and Cleopatra / by Shakespeare, William

Apology / by Plato

Arabian Nights / by Unknown

Araby / by Joyce, James

Around the World in Eighty Days / by Verne, Jules

As You Like It / by Shakespeare, William

Awakening, and Selected Short Stories, The / by Chopin, Kate