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Benefits of registering

Here are the benefits to registering an account:

  • You can register anonymously if you want, with no personal information submitted. (Note: We recommend using your email address when you register an account, so we can help you if you forget your password. We will never send you emails unless we're responding to a message you send.)
  • We protect your privacy. Your username is never displayed with the documents you create. Your username is never displayed in full on the screen.
  • Your view and rewordifying settings are saved and automatically loaded when you log in, so the site works the way you want on any computer.
  • Your Learning Points and Learning Stars accumulate and are saved permanently. Note: You must log in for your Learning Points and Learning Stars to accumulate on your account.
  • You can view powerful charts that let you track details of your learning progress on the site.
  • You can create public documents that can be searched and read by anyone.
  • You can create customized word lists that allow you to rewordify any word or phrase.
  • You can create "link-only" documents that don't show up in search, but are available to anyone with a secret link.
  • You can create password-protected documents that require a secret link and a password to view.
  • Do you have two or more related documents? You can combine them into a book, so readers can conveniently navigate through them via a table of contents.
  • You can easily view, modify, and delete all your documents and books from one convenient place.
  • When you learn a word, the site no longer rewordifies it, in most cases.
  • You can stop and restart multiple Learning Sessions whenever you like. The site remembers exactly where you stopped each Learning Session, and continues where you left off when you restart it.
  • You can see the progress of your learning on one convenient page.