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What Rewordify.com cannot do

Rewordify.com helps people read more by intelligently simplifying English that contains hard words, and by teaching those hard words using state-of-the-art learning software.

Our fast, easy demo will show you how it works. Or, you can try reading our First Time User Guide.

Rewordify.com is such a great site that's helping so many people around the world, it's easy to forget that it's only a computer program. So, when using the site, please remember:

Rewordify.com cannot read or understand.

It is a computer program that tries to locate and simplify difficult words and phrases as intelligently as possible.

It cannot read sentences with simple words, understand the meanings of the words, and re-write the sentences using different words.

It cannot re-write text so that it targets a particular grade level.

No computer can:

  • Break long, complex sentences into shorter, simpler ones
  • Understand literary devices like metaphor, irony, and symbolism, and re-write passages so they're easier to understand.
  • Simplify text targeted for middle-school students and younger that already uses mostly high-frequency words
  • Clarify vague, ambiguous, or poorly-worded text

So what's the point of the site, then? Rewordify.com is designed to find difficult (low frequency) words and phrases and simplify them. Why? So millions of readers can read, understand, and learn from real-world writing.

If you'd enter the sentence Quietly, the students saw doorways of opportunity opening for them, Rewordify.com can't help, because all the words in that sentence are simple, high-frequency words.

But, if you'd enter The didactic lexicon was ameliorating the student's illiteracy, the site can really, really help. (Try entering that sentence into the home page.)

This site helps the most when it's used by people who already have basic English reading skills, and who want an alternative way to improve vocabulary and understand text that contains many difficult words.

How to learn more

The fastest, easiest way to learn more about Rewordify.com is to either do the demo, browse the First Time User Guide, or read our help pages. Still have questions? Contact us and let us help you!