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Sample Original: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

Sample Output: is a sublime web site that expedites learning in myriad ways. It helps with reading betterment, and it invites discourse on more topics.

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First-Time User Guide

This guide is in a separate browser window, so you can follow the guide as you work with the site, switching back and forth between tabs or windows as needed.

What does do?

This site:

  • Simplifies difficult English so you can understand more, faster.
  • Teaches you words so you become a better reader.
  • Gives you choices to learn what you want, the way you want.
  • Gives you information about your learning, so you can see how well you're doing!

Follow this guide, step by step, and you'll learn all about the site quickly!

Part 1: Read hard English more easily

What you'll learn now:
  • How simplifies hard English
  • How to read easier versions of classic literature
  • How to find books on this site and move around within them

Step 1: Switch back to the other tab. Click Home at the top of the page.

home link

Step 2: Click the Classic literature link at the top left.

classics link

Step 3: Click the letter G to see all titles that start with G.

letter g link

Step 4: Click Gilded Age, The.

gilded age link

Step 5: Click Chapter I.

gilded age link

Step 6: At the top of the page, click the Next chapter button. You will see Chapter II.

next chapter button

Step 7: Scroll down the page a little. Buttons appear at the bottom of the page. Click Next chapter. You will see Chapter III.

next chapter button

Part 2: Get definitions of words, quickly

What you'll learn now:
  • How to learn what words mean
  • How to hear what words (and their definitions) sound like

You should now be reading Chapter III of The Gilded Age. Every highlighted word or phrase is a word that has simplified from the author's original harder word or phrase.

Step 1: Click (or tap) the highlighted word trip on the first line. A box appears that shows you the original word was journey. Now you know that journey means trip.

definition box

Step 2: In the second paragraph, click the highlighted words old and dirty. You'll see a popup box with the original author's word, shabby.

Step 3: In the pop up box (click old and dirty again), click the word shabby. You'll hear the word. In the box, click the words old and dirty. You'll hear them, too.

click and listen

Step 4: Most hard words will come up with the purple box. But, if you see a word that isn't highlighted, hover your mouse (or tap) any other word that isn't highlighted (like the word children in the second line) and click it. You'll get an instant definition.

WordNet definitions

Part 3: Search for documents

What you'll learn now:
  • How to search for documents on

Note: The search box on the site is not an Internet search like a Google search. It only looks through documents on There are no copyrighted books or documents on the site.

Step 1: At the top of the page, enter the word Raven into the white search box.

search literature

Step 2: On the search results page, click the bottom entry Raven, The (the Edgar Allan Poe poem).

search literature

Now you can read this great poem more easily, and learn what the hard words mean, too!

Part 4: Change how the site displays words

What you'll learn now:
  • How to change the way that hard words are shown to you
  • How to change the color of the highlighting

Step 1: Scroll to the top of the page and click the Settings link at the top right. (A "settings" link also appears at the bottom if you scroll down.)

settings link

Step 2: On the top row of gray boxes, click Display hard word and easier word inline.

inline option

Step 3: On the bottom row of gray boxes, click Blue/orange.

Step 4: Click Save & close at the top right. Now all of the words display the way you requested.

inline option displayed

You can change the settings whenever you want to the way that suits you best.

Note: If you register an account, all your settings will save and be automatically loaded whenever you log in. For more information, see Part 8, below.

Part 5: Simplify any text passage

What you'll learn now:
  • How to simplify any English text passage

Step 1: Click the big blue "R" at the top left of the page to clear the screen.

reset screen

Step 2: In the big yellow box, type this sentence (or copy-paste it):

I used to loathe and eschew reading hard English.

Step 3: Click the Rewordify text button.

type and click

You can simplify any English text you type or copy-paste in this way.

Part 6: Learn new words so you remember them

What you'll learn now:
  • How to start a "Learning Session," which teaches you new words
  • How to use flash cards to help learn words

Step 1: Type the word Gettysburg into the search box at the top of the page. Click the first entry, the one that says it was given November 19, 1863.

Step 2: At the top of the page, you'll see a purple bar. Click the "3" button.

learn three words

Step 3: You're at a Learning Session! Go through a few steps as the site teaches you words.

do a learning session

Step 4: Click the Practice with flash cards button at the top right. Try it out.

use flash cards

When you're done, click Return to Learning Session.

Part 7: Learn about Learning Points and Learning Stars

What you'll learn now:
  • How to earn points on the site
  • What Learning Stars mean and how you earn them

Step 1: Use the Classic Literature link and pick any document to start reading it. Watch the top of the page. You'll see a timer counting how much time you're reading. You get a point for every full minute you read on the site. You get ten points for every word you learn in a Learning Session.

earn learning stars

Step 2: The site converts points to Learning Stars. Different colors are worth different point levels. Here's what they mean:

Light blue. Worth 1 point.
Dark blue. Worth 5 points, or five .
Green. Worth 10 points, or two .
Gold. Worth 50 points, or five .
Purple. Worth 100 points, or two .
Red. Worth 500 points, or five .
Orange. Worth 1,000 points, or two .
Aqua. Worth 5,000 points, or five .

What's the point? Learning Stars are a fun way to encourage you to spend time reading and learning.

Part 8: Register a free account!

What you'll learn now:
  • How to register an account
  • How to protect your privacy when registering
Your settings, words learned, points, and Learning Stars do not save to your account unless you've registered an account and logged in. Registration is free and can be anonymous. You can permanently delete your account at any time. We will not give anyone else your email address, and we will not send you any emails unless we're responding to a message from you.

Step 1: Click Register safely at the top right.

register for free

Step 2: You'll have a choice of registering with an email address or an anonymous user name. We recommend using your email address so we can help you in case you forget your password. We will never give your email address to anyone and we will never spam you.

For maximum privacy, use an anonymous username. If you do so, we will know no personal information about you.

You're ready to rewordify!

Start using to read and understand more, and learn more words! Please click Help at the top of any page for lots of helpful information about the site.