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You can learn words in many ways on Rewordify.com. You can learn from our Rewordifying Engine, or you can use our lightning-fast dictionary lookup feature.

Our Rewordifying Engine

Read and learn the hardest English the smartest way. Only Rewordify.com has our Rewordifying Engine, which intelligently figures out what words mean, and gives you the right definition based on how they're used.

Here's an example, with the sentence Julio ran in a marathon, after a marathon study session!

Our Rewordifying Engine knew that the first use of marathon was a noun, and replaced it with a noun definition:

marathon as noun

And, it knew when marathon was an adjective, and replaced it with an adjective's definition:

marathon as adjective

Look up almost any word

Over 100,000 definitions, instantly. If you see a word that our Rewordifying Engine doesn't recognize, just click it or tap it—and get a complete definition, instantly:

gloucester definition

You can click on any word in the definition, too, and get another instant definition!

We use Princeton University's WordNet, which contains over 100,000 words and 200,000 meanings, so chances are you'll get a definition for almost anything.

This "green box" word lookup feature is separate from our Rewordifying Engine. But, we keep track of the words that are looked up, and we use that information to help us add more and more words to our Rewordifying Engine almost every day!

Please tell us what you think of this feature. We always like hearing suggestions for improving the site!