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Changing the Display Mode

You can choose from five different Display Modes. You can experiment with what they look like right now: Click the Settings link at the top of the page; the Display Mode is the top group of buttons. Try the different Display Mode settings, and watch the Sample Original and Sample Output areas to see what they look like. Change the Display Mode setting at any time.

  • Reword hard words; click/tap to see original. This mode, which is the default mode for the site, results in hard words and phrases being being reworded to easier ones. You click or tap to see and hear the original hard word, and save it for later learning.
  • Don't reword words; click/tap to see definitions. This mode leaves all original words alone and merely highlights the hard ones. You click or tap the highlighting to see what the hard words and phrases mean, and save the hard words and phrases for later learning.
  • Display hard word and easier word inline. Many people prefer this mode, because you can see both the hard word and its easier replacement without doing any clicking. You can still click on the hard word to save it for later learning.
  • Display original/rewordified in two columns. This is good to compare the original text to the rewordified version. Again, clicking on the hard word lets you save it for later learning.
  • Display original with vocabulary column. Some people prefer to read the original text as-is, but have a vocabulary list to refer to as they read. This setting gives them what they want.