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Baker, David

Aksum: Ancient East African Empire (Article)
The Aksum Empire was the result of two world hubs sharing their collective learning about agriculture. Aksum rose to become a great power in the ancient world because it formed a crucial link between east and west on the supercontinent of Afro-E
China: The First Great Divergence (Article)
The story of Medieval China is an example of how collective learning can quickly advance human complexity.
Ghana Empire, The: West Africas First Major State (Article)
West Africa independently developed agriculture, and the human experiment proceeded for many centuries as the region developed large and complex states, such as the Ghana Empire, before getting caught up in the unification of the world zones.
Origin of Agriculture in Africa, The (Article)
Human origins have been traced back to sub-Saharan Africa, but the origins of agriculture are clearly found outside of Africa, in the Fertile Crescent. The appearance of agriculture in Southern Africa was delayed significantly but took hold roug

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