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What's New?

  • Fast performance, all the time. Rewordify.com is growing, so we expanded our computing power to easily handle the increased needs of educators and learners around the world. We upgraded and increased the number of our servers, so the site should work quickly for all users, all the time. If you ever notice that the site is slow, please contact us right away.
  • Fixed "weird characters" bug. Sometimes, when copy-pasting text blocks from the Web or from a word processing program, quote marks, apostrophes, and other similar characters would be replaced with a bunch of weird "AAcCAC" characters, especially after you edited and re-saved the document. This has been fixed so it won't happen any more. If you see these weird characters in one of your documents, please edit the document and manually replace the weird characters with quotes and apostrophes as needed, and then save the "clean" version.
  • Part of speech tagging! In one click, you can now see all the parts of speech of a text with our full-color, interactive part-of-speech tagger! Learn more.
  • New text-to-speech engine. Rewordify.com now speaks words and definitions with a more natural-sounding voice. Please keep in mind that no computer can pronounce all words perfectly.
  • Save time when customizing word lists. If you're working with a long article with lots of difficult words, and you want to only reword and teach a few of them, you used to have to enter each and every word you didn't want reworded into the Stop Word List. Now, you can select Reword Only These Words, which tells the site to only reword the words you specify. This saves a lot of time! Learn more.
  • Rewordify any word or phrase. You can now customize the Rewordifying Engine so you can rewordify any word or phrase, change the current definition of a word—even stop rewordifying a word.
  • Get free literature & lesson plans. The new Printable Resources page lets you download lots of full-color materials—or you can order them, and we'll print them in full color and ship them to you for free!
  • Set assignments by class. Under Educator Central, you can now easily control which classes see which assignments. To see the change, log in, go to Educator Central, and click on Assignments.
  • Educator Central is live! Our massive new feature allows teachers to easily create and manage student accounts, post assignments, and get detailed reading and learning data about their students. Just log in and click Educator Central at the top. Learn more.
  • Cleaner interface. We removed some visual elements (like drop shadows) so the screen looks cleaner and there are fewer distractions from reading. The "tabs" are gone and replaced with simple buttons. We hope you find it easier to read with the new design.
  • View full-color Progress Charts. If you've created an account, you can view charts that show your reading and learning progress in color! You must have registered an account, and you must have read content and done Learning Sessions while logged in, in order to see Progress Charts. Learn more about Progress Charts.
  • Custom-select the words you're learning. Now you can hand-pick which hard words are included in a Learning Session. Or, you can still have the site randomly pick words just like it always has. Here's how to hand-pick words to learn.
  • Earn Learning Points & Learning Stars. As you spend time reading and learning words, you'll earn Learning Points and be automatically awarded Learning Stars. Oooh, look how cool they are.
  • Get more text statistics. Now you can get the Flesch Reading Ease, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, and lots more statistics for any block of text. Learn more.
  • Save time! Look up over 100,000 words in one click. After you rewordify text, you can now click or tap on most words and get an instant dictionary definition. (The words highlight in green when you hover over them.) Learn more.
  • Read most web pages more easily in one click. Our new "Rewordify text" bookmarklet lets you extract the text from most web pages and view it on Rewordify.com.
  • It's easier to help update the site. Whenever you see a bad or missing definition, scroll down to the bottom of the rewordified text and click the link that says "We'll fix it." Now, it's even easier to fill out that screen because we automatically include your original text along with your request. (You used to have to copy-paste it yourself.)
  • Updated web page video. Check out our new video, which explains the cool new features that let you do more with rewordifying web pages.
  • Extract (and rewordify) text in web pages. When you enter a web page URL in the yellow box on the home page, you now have two choices: You can either rewordify and display the web page like usual, or you can extract the text from the web page and display only the rewordified text. Here's a video, and here's the help system page.

    This saves you time, because you no longer have to copy and paste from web pages into Rewordify.com. Note: This feature works best on web pages that contain news articles, short stories, and other paragraph-based text.