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M2M2L3-The shoemaker



M2U2L3-The Blacksmith

M2U2L3-The Carpenter

M2U2L3-The Cooper

M2U2L3-The Printer




Macbeth Act I

Machiavelli The Prince Excerpts

Madame CJ Walker

Maggie Walker

Magna Carta

Magna Carta 10.13.16

Magna Carta Ms Fellows 10.13.16

Magna Carta 1215

Majd's Story (abridged) / by Anderson, Scott

Make Your Bed / by McRaven, William H.

Make Your Work Resolutions Stick

Making a Difference in 2018 Nytimes / by Rosenberg, tina


Making Inferences 1

Making of a scientist

Making the Future, Better Together

Making time for sience

Malala Journal Entry

Malala Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech / by Yousafzai, Malala

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai- Speech to the UN

Malcom X

Male vs Female Doctors / by Marcus, Mary

Man Behind the Story - Liam O'Flaherty

Man Fires Rifle Inside D.C. Pizzeria, Cites Fictitious Conspiracy Theories / by Domonoske, Camila

Man He Killed, The / by Hardy, Thomas

Man in the Iron Mask, The Chapter 1 (12)

Man in the Iron Mask, the - Chapter 1 (22)

Manhattan Fortuneteller Cost Him Fortune After Fortune / by Wilson

Manifest Destiny / by Sullivan, John

Manifest Destiny as coined by John L. O'Sullivan

Manta Ray


Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017, The / by BoneCode

Many Positive Effects that Technology Left on Our Lives in 2017, The / by Team, Bonecode

Many teachers say Melania Trump's copying would result in an F grade / by Washington Post, Newsela Staff

March / by Leopold, Aldeo

Margaret Atwood

Marijuana vs Alcohol

Mark Twain: Corn-Pone Opinions / by Twain, Mark


Marriage is a Private Affair / by Achebe, Chinua

Mars- should we colonize?

Martial Arts, The

Martian The

Martian, the

Martian, The


Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech August 28, 1963 / by King Jr., Martin Luther

Martin Truex Jr. / by ToadWarrior75

Mary Anderson

Mary Wollstone Craft A Vindication of the Rights of Women / by Wollstonecraft, Mary

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs (Rewordify) / by Wikipedialorg

Masque of the Red Death, The / by Poe, Edgar Allan

Mass Production

Mass, Weight and, Density

Mass. Education Board Unanimously Rejects Trump's Call To Arm Teachers

Massachusetts History

Master Tool

Material 2

Mathematical Practice #1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

Mathematical Practice #2 - Reason abstractly and quantitatively

Mathematical Practice #3 - Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Mathematical Practice #4 - Model with Mathematics

Mathematical Practice #5 - Use appropriate tools strategically

Mathematical Practice #6 - Attend to precision

Mathematical Practice #7 - Look for and make use of structure

Mathematical Practice #8 - Look for and express regularity and repeated reasoning

Matilda Chapter 3

Matilda Chapter 4

Matter of Mosque and State, A / by Lewen, Tamar "Up Front"

Maui - School Journal Year 6 : L3 May : 2016

Maurice richard

May; 'A Sand County Almanac' / by Leopold, Aldo

Maya Reading / by Pieper, Mark

Mayflower Compact

Maze Runner 'The,

McCarthy Strikes Again

McCulloch v. Maryland Background

Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro, The / by Douglass, Frederick

Measles can harm a child's defense against other serious infections


Meet Richard Overton: oldest living U. S. veteran

Meiji Era and the Industrial Revolution

Melanie Smith Article

Melbourne ranked world's most liveable city for sixth consecutive year by EIU / by Wright, Patrick (ABC News)

Memoir 1

Memoir: Bob

Memories of the Holocaust

Meso 1

Meso For 7th grade



Mesopotamia, Story of Mankind / by Van Loon, H

Message of courage to face our fears / by Khalsa,Sukhjit Kaur

Metamorphosis, The / by Kafka, Franz


Metric System

Metric System

Metric System History, The

Mice and Men Summary / by Steinbeck, John

Michael Jordan's Infamous Induction Speech / by Siegel, Nathan

Michelle obama

Michigan is Testing Flint's Water / by Press, Associated

Michigan is testing Flints Water / by Press, Associated

Middle Colonies / by Mr.Nussbaum

Middle East History

Midsummer / by Shakespeare

Migrant Crisis: Why do child migrants want to come to the UK?

Migration document / by Rosberg, Andy

Migratory Crossing

Migratory Crossings

Migratory Crossings- Europe

Milk business in developing world

Miller's Tale, The / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (B) / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (C) / by Chaucer

Miller's Tale, The (D) / by Chaucer

Milosevic Biography

Mineral Formation

Minister and the Black Veil, The / by Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Miracle Worker, The Act 1, part 2 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 3 (last act) Scenes 1 and 2 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 3 Scene 3 (ending the play) / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 1 part 1 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 2 --Scenes 1-6 / by Gibson, William

Miracle Worker, The Act 2, Scenes 7-9 (9 ends Act 2) / by Gibson, William

Miss. Supreme Court hears appeal over school funding / by JEFF AMY, Associated Press

Mission 0 / by sotelo

Mission TwinPossbible- Section 4 / by Dreisbach

Mission TwinPossible- Section 2 / by Dreisbach

Mission Twinpossible-Section 1 / by Mr.Dreisbach

Mission TwinPossible: Section 3 / by Dreisbach

Mississippi Burning plot summary

MLK Case Study Part III


MLK vs. Malcolm X / by Edwards, Brielle

MMUN IMO Description

MMUN Saving the Oceans Position Paper

MMUN Whaling Position Paper 2014

Modell of Christian Charity, A / by Winthrop, John

Modern History Sourcebook: Commissioner Lin: Letter to Queen Victoria, 1839 / by Lin,Commissioner

Modern History Sourcebook: The Taiping Rebellion, 1851-1864 / by Michael,Franz

Modern Science

Modified Bill of Rights article

Module Two: Unit 2 Lesson 2 / by Kipling

Mom Outraged / by CBS

Mom Will Find the Fox

Monarch Butterflies

Monarchy Handout 10.24.16 Ms Fellows

Monica's article / by Valdez, Monica

Monroe Doctrine

Monroe Doctrine explanation


Monster of Monticello, The / by Finkelman, Paul

Moon Caves

Moral Logic of Survivor Guilt

More than one in three Americans eat fast food on a daily basis / by Kaplan, Karen

Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game Part 1 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game Part 2 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game Part 3 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game, The - Part 1 / by Connell, Richard

Most Dangerous Game- Part 4 / by Connell, Richard

Moth Article

Mother Tongue / by Tam, Amy

Mother Tongue / by Tan, Amy

Motions and force Ch 1 section 2

Motivation and the Power of Not Giving Up Page 3

Mountain Men Fur Trade History

Movie review

Ms Fellows handout 10.11.16 Document 4

Ms Fellows handout Document 5 handout 10.11.16

Ms Fellows handout Jacobo Timmerman 10.25.16

Mt Shasta- Identifying Parts of Speech

Much howling in the U.S. Southwest over a wolf protection plan


Multidecadal rainfall variability in South Pacific Convergence Zone as revealed by stalagmite g / by Partin, J.W.

Murmur of a Bang / by NASA, Cosmic Times

Music and Emotions

Music and Theatre

Mussolini / by Wikipedia

My Browsing Collections

My Country / by Mackellar, Dorothea

My First Goose / by Babel, Isaac

My First Hat

My Mother's Tongue

My name

My Name by Sandra Cisneros / by Cisneros, Sandra

My People / by Haddix, Margaret Peterson

My Sled is Red

My Way

Myth of Learning Styles

Myth of self-control, The / by Resnick, Brian

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