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Ravi, Anita

Consequences of the Colombian Exchange (Article)
Analyze population changes, the exchange of plants and animals, and the spread of diseases to learn more about the Columbian Exchange.
Origin of World Religions, The (Article)
As people developed civilizations in the Agrarian Era, they also formed religions. From 1200 BCE to 700 CE, it seems that all major world religions emerged. These faiths included Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Christianity, a
Were Not in Kansas Anymore: The Emergence of Early Cities (Article)
Cities emerged because of the development of agriculture, and more people in one place led to an increase in complexity. Complexity can be seen in the art, writing, and law codes of these early cities, all of which help to shed light on what lif
What's for dinner? Evidence of Agriculture: The First Farmers (Article)
Although we know a lot about early agriculture, we dont always explore how we know what we know. This is especially important since there are very few written records from these early time periods. Archaeologists are the source of much of our k
When Humans Became Inhumane: The Atlantic Slave Trade (Article)
Why did European countries begin to import African slaves to the New World? Investigate the causes and effects of the Atlantic slave trade.

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